Bluetooth Symbol

What Is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth Technology Is a Registered Trademark for a Global standard short range wireless communication signal. It is used for connecting one electronic device to another such as cell phones, computers, keyboards and other electronic devices. This technology was created by group of engineers at a Swedish company called Ericsson. It was developed around 20 years ago and it was later called Bluetooth. In 1998 the companies promoting this technology came together and formed what is know today as the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Since there is not a single owner of this technology the (SIG) group was formed to work together to help educate and advance the Bluetooth technology as a standard way to connect devices around the world. The name Bluetooth is taken after a 10th century Danish King. His name was Harold Blatand in English this name is Harold Bluetooth. Harold Blatand was the King of Denmark and he played a big role in Demarks conversion to Christianity. Also he played huge role in reuniting Denmark with Norway and Sweden. Ence the Bluetooth name is for technolgy used to unite connection between different electronic devices. The Bluetooth technology has made many improvements since its original development in 1994. The speed to connect electronic devices has increased and the data transfer rate is much faster,along with lower power consumption. The most recent version is Bluetooth 4.1. The 4.1 signal has enhanced flexablity meaning that you can have multiple devices paired at the same time. With the 4.1 signal you can have multiple devices connected with the same host. With the first versions of the Bluetooth signal the device will have to be able to transfer data directly to the host. With the lasted version of 4.1 each device can transfer data by its self and then transfer data back to the host all at once. Here is an example. If you have a a bluetooth keyboard and a bluetooth heart rate monitor connected to your smart phone with the 4.0 signal you can only have one unit at a time paired to your smart phone. With the 4.1 signal the data transfer for each unit is combined and you can have control of all units paired at the same time. Bluetooth technology is still very popular and is being used every day in a variety of electronic products. As with all technology it is constantly changing but for now it looks as if the Bluetooth Technology will be around for many years to come.