Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Technology is simular to other radio technologies such as FM radio and Televison receiver technologies because the bluetooth device does use radio waves to transmitt and recieive wireless information, though it is used to transmitt over a very short distance. Todays Bluetooth Technology is designed to send information from distances of 10 meters up to 100 meters. It depends on the type of device application. Bluetooth Technology is licensed to operate within the frequemcy rage of 2.4 to 2.485 GHz.

This technology consist of a combination of Hardware and Software. There is Micro Chip which contains the Bluetooth hardware and it does require Software to operate and connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices.
It was first developed to replace wires and cables on phones, Headphones, Keyboards and the typical mouse for your computer. In the last several years it has been used in many applications in Health and Fitness industry and in the automobile industry. Items such as inhalers, glucometers, and even some Tooth brushes. All of the best selling Smart phones, Tablets, LCD Smart TV`s and even Laptops support the Bluetooth technolgy. The Automobile Industry supports this Technolgy in almost all of there lasted production model vehicles. They have also developed systems to monitor vehicle diagnostic information, driver health and even trafiic in actual time. There are more and more solutions being developed using this technolgy.
Since 2011 there has been many improvements to this technolgy such has Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Smart Ready. These are the 4.0 and 4.1 versions that have been developed with faster data transmission and lower power consumption.